Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review of Joe Rogan: Live

Joe Rogan: Live
My only complaint was the camera work--jerking around & slow-motion stuff during the last 20+ minutes were a serious distraction. Rogan's show is fantastic, along the lines of Stanhope, Hicks, Carlin & the other great fearless & smart comedians. I can see his Hick's influences too clearly though--in the jet fighter story & the snorting wolf noises into the mic, classic Hicks. I like crude, in your face, intelligent, no holds barred comedy, and someone who can make one laugh at oneself is priceless, to expose our own ridiculousness in a new light, those are what the great comedians are known for, what makes them so funny. People who didn't like this are probably those who can't laugh at their own stupidity, or their own fallibility, or who can't tolerate questioning their rigid belief systems for fear they might collapse. This is definitely for adults, not easily offended, who can take a bit of soul searching, and laugh at the results. Highly recommend this. I'd never seen Rogan before, now I'll want all his shows.

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