Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wuthering Heights: Masterpiece Classic (review)


It's been so long (and so many other books inbetween) since I read this that I had no expectations, and am sublimely satisfied that this is the best version ever portrayed in film. These actors lived & breathed the characters to life, one watches rapt, unable to look away. Excellent quality production, absolutely nothing left out or done shabbily. No corners cut. I'm beginning to love British films for the acting & locations, production & cinematography, everything is far & above what a US film would provide. The viewer is lost in time, immersed in the story from start to finish, and yes, a box of tissues should be handy for several parts of the film, not just the ending (which does have a hopeful positive note). Highly recommend this, even buying for watching again & again. 

Emily Brontë's sweeping tale of romance set against the backdrop of the Yorkshire moors gets the "Masterpiece" treatment in this lush made-for-television adaptation starring Charlotte Riley and Tom Hardy. Cathy (Riley) eventually fell in love with Heathcliff (Hardy), the young Gypsy boy her father brought home years ago. But now that they're adults, another man (Tom Payne) is offering her his affections -- and a far more comfortable life.

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