Saturday, April 7, 2012

Public Sex (Dogging: A Love Story) [Review]

Summary: To jump-start his career, wannabe journalist Dan (Luke Treadaway) sets out to write a juicy exposé on dogging, the practice of sleeping with strangers in parking lots. While researching the story, Dan falls for a curious co-ed (Kate Heppell) and struggles to overcome his hang-ups. This naughty British comedy co-stars Sammy T. Dobson as Dan's longtime girlfriend, Tanya, and Richard Riddell as his bed-hopping flatmate, Rob.

REVIEW: I thought it was a documentary but apparently it is a film pretending to be a documentary in style, which was an interesting viewpoint, since the viewer has no real idea whose view they are seeing of all the characters, which gets confusing at times. The sexual content is definitely R if not a soft X even, which is fine with me, but if the word twat bothers you, don't watch this, it is used more often than the F-bomb in other movies. An interesting twist on a love story, meeting through a sex web site, arranging to meet for public sex & all that goes wrong between the decision & the actuality, if there ever is one, is much of the movie's content. For voyeurs, this movie is a pearl. For exhibitionists, inspiring perhaps? This kind of movie would never be shown in US theaters, too sexy & raunchy for the hypocritical prudes here. A fun movie, not for kids, but perhaps couples would enjoy this raunchy comedic romance. I know I would see it with a guy if I had one.

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