Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Movie review (Män Som Hatar Kvinnor)

5 of 5 stars

Not having read the book, I can say this movie was done very well, the acting was incredibly realistic, the sets & dialogue, production values & character building all superb. NOT for children, there is quite a bit of blood & some gore though not at all horror film level, this is a mystery thriller about murder, so of course there will be blood and other unpleasant things, killing is never pretty. The time flies by, no slow parts despite the length of this film, and those who wanted more impractical characterizations would have made this 5 hours long--this was perfectly balanced I felt, with a tear jerking end scene before the final stroke of hope is given. One of the best movies in years, I barely minded subtitles & much of the language was so similar. Mama=Mom in subtitles. Not THAT hard to follow along, well worth the effort. Movies from books will always disappoint because they can't match reader's imaginations, they are like fantasies in that way. Highly recommend this one.

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