Monday, February 13, 2012

Dorian Gray (Movie review)

5 of 5 stars

At most PG or NC-17, suggested sexuality & little nudity, suggested drug use, a small bit of gore within movie's theme. Gothic dark drama, making a deal with the devil as it were, for forever youth & beauty, the sacrifices one is willing to make as well as the crimes one will commit & secrets to keep, are what truly lead to this kind of ending. Shock value--where? Nothing at all shocking in this film, a very well told & portrayed story with excellent dialogue, writing, acting, production values & characterizations. To build any more into the characters in a 2-hour movie is an unreal expectation, so of course it will differ from the much more detailed novel (which I have yet to read). This movie has clearly been under-rated by people expecting something which is not promised nor apparently delivered. What IS delivered is an excellent film worth buying for one will want to see this again, and perhaps yet again in years to come.

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