Monday, February 6, 2012

Descent (movie review)

Rated: 3 of 5 stars

I watched Irreversible 1st based on a review & suggestion here, glad I did, then was told to still give this a look--the 2 don't compare, this is G-rated fluff when compared to Irreversible! Brutal is an overstatement of titanic proportions, Trust was more brutal than this. Nothing is shown, the story goes nowhere & the club scenes could have been cut down to 5 minutes & told the same story. There was no nudity at all in this movie, no blatant sex or obscenity. The ending scenes are so homogeneous as to be anticlimactic. After 99 minutes THIS is how it ends? I could not believe this was where the movie was leading, 10 minutes before the end I was like "when is the point going to be made"? The only time she really shows any emotion is that last 90 seconds, otherwise she may as well be one of those shop mannequins she dresses in her day job. Beautiful video & great soundtrack don't make this worth renting never mind wasting the time to watch it free.

Truly Disturbing with NO Hype!

Extremely Difficult & Voyeuristic to Watch, Yet Necessary

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