Thursday, January 19, 2012

You Again movie review

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Predictable, but mostly fun, some laughs but not a hoot a minute. Nothing new or original here, as others wondered, why were all these big stars in something so mediocre? Very little was credible in any way, which is a big hurdle for any film to ignore as this has. A somewhat feel good movie with a "happy" ending that does not really satisfy, there was too little balance in the character development and scenes; JJ should have had to pay back a bit more to consider this credible, but as in life, rarely are movies or anything else fair. Curtis looked very rough in this, Weaver would have been more believable in Curtis' role. Yustman was not a very convincing actress in the latter part of the movie, especially the fridge scene & hospital wedding scene, which is where this movie dove south on a speeding bullet, as if trying to just wrap up loose ends with no real thought into HOW or WHY they chose those lame finishes. Don't rent or buy it, find it on cable on a rainy day.

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