Thursday, January 19, 2012

Secretariat movie review
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Secretariat You rated this movie: 5 of 5 stars

I was surprised to recognize Nelsan Ellis (who plays Lafayette Reynolds on HBO's True Blood) as Eddie Sweat the horse handler in this film, and he played his character so well I didn't recognize him as Lafayette until more than half way through this film. Ellis' talent is hitching a ride on a shooting star with the level of acting he shows in his roles.

90% of the reviews are 5 Stars, this movie well deserves them. A feel good movie with tons of suspense and action, edge of the seat & nail biting scenes of hope & frustration, this was even better than Seabiscuit. The few bad reviews sad the acting was wooden? Everyone involved with the horse was amazing & credible, the supporting cast--such as the husband--could have been better actors, but with so little screen time it hardly mattered. The horse was the star, and rightly so.

I'm not a horse racing fan, yet Big Red had me cheering him on too. Highly recommend seeing this, perhaps even buying it for another view or three, it's a timeless classic with a feel good ending that is satisfying in every way, and the excellent production quality, script, dialogue, acting & every aspect pulled us along side them as if we owned Big Red & were taking the same millions of dollars gamble. Hurrah hurrah!

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