Sunday, January 22, 2012

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer movie review

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
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For it's day, this was ground breaking, now it's just creepy scary, not horror gore filled fest we've become used to. In fact, the characters drive the story more than the action does which is why some considered it "boring", but it's anything BUT boring especially for those whose brains work well. What makes this horrid is how little emotion Henry has, and how little empathy Otis & Henry have for human beings at all. As for the gore, well most of the dead bodies were obviously still alive with blinking eyelashes, pulsing throat veins & breathing while playing dead, so that ruined quite a bit of it for me. The most grisly scene & sounds were the worst part of it, was Henry chopping Otis up in the tub. Also the end shocked me although where else did I think this could go? Certainly not to a horse farm to live happily ever after. Don't get the cult following status of this movie really, but to each his own. Not worth buying, not renting either, wait for a rainy snowy day & catch on cable.

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