Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Devil's Double movie review

The Devil's Double movie review
Rate 4 stars of 5

Dominic Cooper is outstanding playing the twin roles of Uday Hussein and his body double. Well made flick showing the barbaric ways of the Uday during the reign of his dad, Saddam.

An amazing movie & while some of it was based on truth, the special features admit that it is nearly all a fiction, they did not follow the book at all, so these reviewers who keep saying this is absolute fact, are idiots. Also, the actors were too American or white? Nearly every name in the credits was Arab, 98%! What a bunch of small minded whiners, the main actor Cooper is better than ANY one from ANY country as an actor, incredibly talented to switch from one to the other with no diva time to "get in the role" as our actors demand. To play two sides of a coin was not in any way easy on any level--mental, physical or spiritual I'm sure. The movie toned down what really happened, and they cut out tons of torture & rape scenes as it is. The gore and blood were handled perfectly & suited to each scene, nothing over the top at all. Definitely one of the best movies ever made, and it deserves 5 stars from every viewer.

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