Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bob & Tom: Comedy All Stars Tour review

Bob & Tom: Comedy All Stars Tour

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I'd never heard the radio show, so not hearing more than the starting intro by them was no disappointment to me. The comedians were pretty darned good, took me by surprise--didn't read reviews 1st, which is a good thing because they are way funnier than these reviews make them sound & I think it's more sour grapes that the radio duo didn't do a set, than it is a fair review of the actual comedians in this film. To me the 1st comedian (black guy) was the funniest, each got at least one belly laugh out of me which is rare, some got several, to me that's nearly a buy since newcomers or new-to-me comics rarely get me laughing as much as these did. However, there were some really awkward moments where some jokes fell flat or were a bit overdone, or too dry--only the comedian seemed to get them. All in all I'd definitely recommend seeing this whether renting or buying or live show, worth the time and belly exercises :)

Relatively clean, some audience members had young children with them, this was not BET style comedy & don't believe any was crude or obscene, kind of surprising I got so many laughs from such a clean performance, because I tend to enjoy raunchier stuff, so this is safe for families with a few minor swears, and one MAJOR swear word (c*nt), that may turn some off.

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