Monday, October 10, 2011

Review of Problem Child: Leslie Jones Stand-up Comedian

Problem Child: Leslie Jones

She's funny as hell, rude, crude & socially unacceptable, the way I like them. The 4 stars is because of the last 10 minutes when she badgered audience members & hit them on the head with her mic, seeming clueless how much that hurts the head. She said it was her fav part of the show too, guess she really does hate pretty women, lol. Really enjoyed her sex jokes, the single women aspects, and how a good man and good peter don't always--or often--come in same package, but the best bits were the climactic--literally--mimes all over the stage floor & on a stage hand's head. Also made fun of herself, her height & shoe size among other things. Definitely would see her again, maybe even this show again--worth buying perhaps. Obviously those who don't like the F-word, sex, climaxes and "dirty" talk, avoid this show--we don't need to hear your complaints & moral judgement's as if you didn't know what the show was like before watching. I love BET quality comedians.

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