Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Review of movie Touch


4 Stars for the effort, script & cast. Somehow despite everything going for it, this movie had no substance, no meat on its bones, and the acting was extremely flat. Wide open eyes close-up, NO expression in them at all. Walken was the best of the cast, as was Arnold, but the rest were emotionless robots--and I usually live Fonda & especially Ulrich, so very disappointing. The dialogue was forced & not natural, there was zero chemistry between any of the characters, although in some scenes Ulrich did better than Fonda--who seemed vacant throuhgout. Side of breasts, nipples & naked side view on Fonda, totally naked in bed with Skeet with a sheet between them, and Skeet naked from behind is all that was shown, plus some kissing close-ups that were more credible than the rest. Not sure why R-rated since this was at most PG, language not an issue, nor drugs, sex or other controversial content. Maybe if the movie were free, on a rainy afternoon, on cable, but don't pay to see this.

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