Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Review of LIVE concert Korn: Live on the Other Side

Korn: Live on the Other Side

1st, there were 2 guitar players--they even played together f2f at ctr mic, so was the reviewer blind? Each even did brief solos with cameras on them. I've never seen a bass played that way tho, slapping the guitar rather than strumming. No lip sync anywhere either, guitar & lead singer sang their throats & hearts out! Looking at stage, bass was on left, lead guitar was on right, lead singer in center & drums behind him. I've liked Korn but not been an avid fan, though after this I'm definitely more into them than I ever was before. This show was an awesome physical performance, plus the mosh pit & fans filmed throughout in quick breakaways. However, no fan in planes stuff--no special features when streaming I guess. I wanted to see that! This was 120 minutes, not 130, so those 10 minutes are missing. Still a 5+ star show, loved Come Undone & Want to Laugh Again.

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  1. My review of this live concert, streaming. My comments in reviews are usually also to the other reviewers, in case you wondered who I am talking to. Also netflix limits the length & content, so can't really go into great detail. However, I now have some favorite Korn songs to look up & share next time I'm online for the day (tomorrow evening or Thursday). Come Undone & I Want to Laugh Again were my faves, plus the bagpipes on Ring Around the Rosie, and #1 is their cover of Pink Floyd's The Wall--that blew me away completely & took me by total surprise, had no idea they did or could do that.