Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Review of movie The Speed of Thought

The Speed of Thought
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This was an incredible movie, as good as Inception in its own way, better story & acting as well as tempo in fact, though not as built-up as some of the Inception cgi graphics were, this is more realistic in many ways. As for being predictable? That's a bald lie, as is boring, poorly written & all the other falsified reviews; no idea what their motives are. I'd definitely recommend renting or seeing on cable TV, highly recommend this to anyone who likes thrillers, some sci-fi, romance, David & Goliath situations, and satisfying endings where they all get what they deserve. The editing, cinematography, audio, and production are all nearly top notch, all the actors were excellent--none seemed forced, faked, nor unnatural. Some of the best acting I've seen from these actors in fact. Totally surprising twists & turns keep you guessing until the end. Wish I could give this 10 stars. gmj2012

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