Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Review of Hide and Seek movie

Hide and Seek
You rated this movie: 3
Daryl Hannah did her best acting in this, as did Tilly & Greenwood, but Gallo's acting was awful most of the time. There were serious credibility issues, such as why didn't Anne take Helen's truck at the tractor store, or when she left the farm house originally, why didn't she lock them in the basement or lock herself into that van? There would be no movie if any of these questions had logical answers. The crazy ending is NOT credible or shown, we're shown one thing (Tilly shooting Anne), then something else entirely (Tilly in body bag, how, when & why?) turns out to be the end--no explanation at all? Some of Tilly's acting was OVER acted, the hospital scene definitely not credible on any level, nor were the police scenes. Yet the movie was still compelling, though I did check the time hoping it would end sooner. The movie's ending is in the last 2-3 minutes, as if someone said "Oops we have 2 minutes, better make up an ending". I doubt I'd recommend this even free on cable.

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