Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review of Modify

Having seen Flesh & Blood 1st, this movie is definitely more balanced & complete in content, coverage of the issues, all aspects of modification from plastic surgery to body building, hair color to skin color, corsets in clothing & in skin, sex change operations to suspension from hooks, permanent make-up to piercings. As well, legal, medical, ethical, societal, historical, religious & spiritual, discrimination & the effect in one's life, family, community & within oneself, no questions were left unanswered. No perspective was ignored. This is definitely the better of the two films, with a much wider range of interviews, input, personalities & examples. The hardest part to stomach were the plastic surgery operations so that by the time one sees even extreme modifications, nothing can compare to the surgical augmentation footage. Instead of one man's view, as in Flesh & Blood's focus on Haworth, here we get an enormous amount of perspectives; however there were none who were against modifications, though their protests were addressed thoroughly with Q&A's throughout the film. Excellent quality film & audio. Highly recommended.

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