Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review of Alex Reymundo: Red-Nexican

Alex Reymundo: Red-Nexican
Ron White describes him well, a Mexican who looks Indian & talks like a Redneck. Show sprinkled with plenty of naughty & nice spanish, hilarious throughout, I laughed harder in the last 15 minutes than the 45 minutes before them. This is not advertised as family friendly, audience full of adults, no reason anyone should expect political correctedness in comedy, nor was his show full of F-bombs, like many comedians overuse for laughs. He even makes fun of the fact that there's no pretty way to say some things, his attempts are all the funnier. The audience present during taping loved him as much as I did watching, and he had a tough crowd to please in Missouri. I'd easily recommend this to anyone wanting a ton of laughs, worth every minute of the show.

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