Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review of Middle Men

Middle Men
The best movie I've seen in years. Moby & Stones music, mob, porn, murder, greed, adultery, lust, envy, one keeps wondering when the lead character play by Wilson, will get out before the getting is gone, but he doesn't and therein lies the fantastic ending. Unpredictable, surprise wrap up, everyone gets what they deserve, very satisfying. Theme of redemption underlying the drama. Nudity but no sex, violence but nothing gory, each element was done perfectly, nothing overdone or unbalanced. What a great script, excellent character building & acting from everyone involved. At 1st I thought this would be like a documentary, but when I saw the stars attached to this, it lent credibility so I took it more seriously, and this is not a funny film. It is a dramatic action film. Definitely worth buying & seeing again. Highly recommend this, it beats anything else released in the last two years, easy.

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