Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review of Methadonia

Hard to rate this, poorly edited, imbalanced, unscientific, misinforms, one sided, yet where else can you see this side of MMT? So I give it a 3. Unethical in filming people who aren't in their right minds & can't give informed consent to being filmed while high. Showed NO positives or recoveries--does not need to be lifelong! I was on 50mg daily methadone for 10 yrs for chronic pain, it kept me sick & when I was burglarized for the meds, my Dr. refused to replace them despite police report & no history of addiction or lost Rxs. It took me less than a month of very sick to kick over 20 Rxs, no longer disabled OFF the meds! Withdrawal was NOT like portrayed. The drug is cheap so clinics are NOT getting rich off addicts. I was treated like an addict by ignorant Dr's who assumed despite my medical conditions that I took meth for addiction! I'd never taken heroin, but was treated as if I did, the stigma is REAL. No other med worked for my pain, I hated having to take it. Nor did I ever feel high after the 1st 2 weeks body adjusted to it & WITH benzos too. I wish this film had been more balanced & researched. Don't let this be your only view into the subject, it's not the whole truth, form no opinions based on this movie, please.

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