Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review of Graffiti Verite 9: Soulful Ways: The DJ

Graffiti Verite 9: Soulful Ways: The DJ
Features the 38 Cal DJ's only, written produced filmed & directed by same person, fair to good quality picture, sound & subjects. The only focus is the scratch & volume button, nothing else is covered, including none of the other slide switches or knobs--even when they were used, no explanation was given for what they were used for. How to choose records, or match BPMs, were NOT covered. If you just bought a turntable or two & never scratched, this is for you, otherwise it isn't very informative or instructional as to other skills & equipment used as a DJ. I could not hear much difference between the different scratches & the DJ's who demonstrated them had their own definitions but no differences between one's chirp and another's. MC's were featured, and multi-turntable DJ'ing with hip hop rap genre only. I'd rather have had more explanations of the equipment than 4 different DJ demos for every scratch, which added nothing to the film, so I gave it 3 stars. Over half the DJ's wore masks over their faces, why?

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