Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review of American Swing

American Swing [Movie about Plato's Retreat in NYC]
This movie kept its promise, detailed coverage of the history & people involved in Plato's Retreat. It didn't promise anything more--yet others seem to expect a totally different movie. Why if you know you won't like it, do you watch & then complain? Go watch something else & let we adults watch & give actual info in reviews! HD quality video & sound--except old footage--of the early Disco to 80's era this club started in. All walks of life, all looks including beautiful and not beautiful people. Who else can they interview but attendees who are now older? Duh! I'm wishing the place still existed with more hygienic policies perhaps, but AIDS has NOT killed the swinging lifestyle, nor do swingers end up with AIDS, being more health conscious than average, nor does it kill marriages or family as this film proves in the interviews with couples still together, and the kids! Ironically this film was barely an R-rating; yet Inside Deep Throat had NC-17 & was X, showed oral deep throat close-up! Here, no erect penises, no open slit's, no penetration, no oral, nothing here not in an average soap opera. Highly recommend this film to ADULTS with brains.

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