Sunday, October 16, 2011

Review of Extreme Ice: Nova documentary

Extreme Ice: Nova
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How can previous reviews say there's no evidence when this entire film is about them collecting the forensic evidence to prove not only their theories (and ALL science is theories, only proven until unproved with technology), but that their theories were UNDERestimating the rate of speed & transformation from ice to rising sea levels, from temps to direct evidence of its effects??? What more do we need to see? Billions of people and whole states wiped out before our eyes, well by then it's too late. Even now may be too late, considering our technology can't even keep up with the speed of glacial decay, never mind stopping the train when we haven't designed a brake system yet! Already this year's weather has been more extreme than ever in history because of climate change & we're supposedly 50-100 years away from those consequences, right? ha! Obviously NOT. If we as a species are too dumb to police ourselves NOW, then we deserve extinction--may a smarter species than us survive.

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