Sunday, October 16, 2011

Review of Eddie Griffin: Freedom of Speech

Eddie Griffin: Freedom of Speech
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Zero stars, shut off at 40 minutes. Anti-white, anti-black, anti-intelligent! Says whites will become their slaves to be whipped next, that all white people are albino babies of blacks, that the 1960's civil rights movement was wrong & to exercise freedom of speech by using your middle finger on the job, or where ever. Hmmm, the only thing funny here is that he gets paid to make more people ignorant! Too many in the audience were lapping up this misinformation like mother's milk, just more ignorance. Says there are more blacks in colleges than in prison--wake up Eddie! Made light of crashing an expensive car doing all he was told NOT to do, that he lived is a shame. He sees having 8 kids--he wants 12+--as his duty to replace all the blacks in prisons, after saying there were more in colleges than prison, contradicts his own "facts". Someone, save him from himself. Please! Forced to give one star, Grrr.

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