Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Review of DVD: Sound Tribe Sector 9: Live as Time Changes

Sound Tribe Sector 9: Live as Time Changes
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While I applaud the full length DVD for a change, the content was extremely lame in this case. The so-called light show is an LED board of triangles so it's not at all real graphics--more like a peg board. 2 guitar players, 2 drummers, 1 keyboard piano man, & the 2 guitar players used laptops for added content when not playing guitar. The music was more jazz electronic than rock, and every song sounded just like the last one, to the point where I skipped several songs. The only song I liked was Instantly, I played that twice before returning DVD, so I didn't like it THAT much nor did I even want to record it, never mind buy it. If this were free it would still be a waste of time. I love new music, electronic & techno, progressive, love guitar & drums, but this was just too bland, the promised psychedelic visuals were never delivered, & it would have been nice to focus cameras on the actual players while they were soloing! Fans will like it, non-fans, don't bother.

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