Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cadillac Moon in Concert, together again?

Cadillac Moon Original Group

The band I used to work with, who just as they got famous playing the bar scene in Devil's Advocate with Al Pacino & Charlize Theron, the lead singer married his long time live in girlfriend who he let make him quit & it destroyed the band because his vocals were the sound, are back together performing live for an hour below. I can't stop crying, and I found this by accident today, their music can NOT be found anywhere online, or on CD anywhere, never mind live! I'm the only one who had live footage because they are the band I traveled with & filmed, the one I gave up music for 10 years over their breakup, the one who broke my heart, so to find this is an incredible gift & a rare special treat. It is blues jazz with a New Orleans sound though they are from LI, NY. I hope this means they will be performing regularly, and coming up my way again, I'd travel to them if necessary, whatever it takes. They got me started in this industry, my old film of them is on a dead hard drive (I still need to find someone certified to restore corrupted XP drives), no other film existed until now. Bawling my eyes out with joy, sadness, disbelief, bliss, and they sound exactly the same because the lead singer is back too (he looks like shit though, guess his marriage---which broke up the band--didn't agree with him?) and Mike Nugent looks the same as ever & sounds even better. Awesome is an understatement.

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