Monday, April 2, 2012

America: the New Nazis

This morning I've been thinking of the state of our nation, and the meaning of recent actions by President Obama that seem to be escaping the general public's notice or concern. Is it that American's are ignorant, blind, intentionally stupid when it comes to policies that are harmful to innocent people whether in our country or international? How is it there is no uproar in response to Obama's signing away our constitutional rights, not once but TWICE so far in 2012???

First of all, the power was already in the government's hands to detain people without due process, and they have abused that power repeatedly by jailing the wrong suspects, & the innocent, for years without legal access or rights. Now the govt. wants to apply this to American citizens within our own country. Does anyone feel safer from all the lost rights we already gave up since Bush started this process? Doesn't taking away our constitutional rights make the "terrorists" win? How is taking away our right to due process making us safer???

Secondly, Obama got away with it the 1st time, then signed in another violation of our rights within a month of the 1st & no one is paying attention. How can anyone even consider voting for such a POTUS who has violated our rights & his most solemn oath to UPHOLD the constitution of the United States? The only result that can come from such a measure, is the govt.'s freedom to abuse their power in jailing ANY CITIZEN it decides is a threat in ANY way: people protesting peacefully are already getting a taste of this power abuse, before our rights to due process were signed away! With the new policy, any one protesting any govt. action can be seen as a "traitor" or a "terrorist" or a threat to the security of the govt. monopoly of power, and detained indefinitely with no legal protections. Too many people are making excuses--oh that will never happen, you're blowing this up out of proportion, & similar justifications for remaining willfully ignorant. We will still be accountable for the harm we cause to the innocent, even if we refuse to acknowledge the harms done, just as we are accountable to laws whether we know they are a law or not; ignorance is NOT an acceptable defense in court, nor will it be acceptable in defense of our actions against others, whether in our nation or global.

Third, for those who are not seeing the parallels between the German Gestapo & Nazi actions against Jews & other "undesirables", and our actions against Muslims & similar "undesirables" or anyone resisting the new status quo, policy or dare I say, new world order, wake the hell up. When the Nazi's 1st came into power, the changes were so subtle no one really believed nor understood how far their govt. meant to go, until it was too late & they watched people being dragged away in the middle of the night, without reason or crime, to never be seen or heard from again. Families were destroyed, their property stolen by the govt. & soldiers in the streets, people were beaten & killed for nothing more than being an "undesirable" of the regime in control.

We are in the exact same situation that Germany was in before the Nazi's came into full power. The changes here are subtle, people don't want to believe or understand the far reaching abuses already happening, nor the potential for abuses that are now being made into laws that ordinary citizens will have NO RIGHTS to fight legally or otherwise! How is it we are going about our daily lives ignoring these facts? Those who blamed the German citizens for following the Nazi's without protest, we are now doing the exact same thing! We are not protesting the violations of our own rights, never mind those of the "undesirables", whether they be Muslim, peaceful protesters or bothersome citizens of our country.

When we are being dragged out in the middle of the night, with no legal rights and no reason or justification, never to be seen again, it will be too late to pay attention or take action. In fact, it may already be too late, considering the actions Obama has already taken against the citizens he is charged to represent & protect! When we are the new Nazi's, will you try to excuse your willful ignorance & say you didn't know? You will be lying, you DID know, you DO know, and there's no excuse for not having taken some action to prevent this from happening. Being busy is no excuse for not saving a life.

I am extremely concerned about these matters, yet feel powerless to stop them from happening. I don't have the money, or the influence or the reach to reverse the violations already in place, and if I could, I would leave this country & never look back. I felt this way when Bush became President, not by our votes but by a nepotistic Supreme Court judge related to his family. I've been ashamed of my country of birth for 12 years now. Instead of seeing anything improve over time as I'd hoped, our country has only become more greedy, power hungry & despotic in its reach for absolute power, over the world, not just out little nation. 

However, with our economy derailed, only the top 1% can actually afford to emigrate, and their needs are being catered to by our govt., they aren't going to leave! The intelligent, concerned & compassionate citizens are the ones too poor to leave, those like me without the resources to relocate to a truly free society in another country outside the reach of the totalitarian US govt., and I can't help but see this as part of the overall plan. Those who don't believe there IS a plan, are purposely blind. All these changes have taken a decade to put into place, slowly but surely, worse is coming, such as the ACTA, SOPA & infinite names for the same action that the govt. keeps trying to slip in without notice (they just keep renaming it & trying again, until eventually we won't be watching & BOOM, too late AGAIN).

A citizenship without the money or power to fight back, has to be part of the plan, we the people no longer even have the right to peaceful protest without extreme harm being done to those exercising their American rights to such protest, by those who work FOR us!

If one wanted to OPT OUT of the US, emigrate elsewhere, what happens to all the money we paid into the system for a lifetime, our taxes, disability, unemployment insurance & other MANDATORY thefts of our earnings over our entire life? Not that there's any money in those coffers for those who have been paying faithfully & without choice, also without any input in what is done with our own money as a nation or state entity. Do we leave as refugees, begging for mercy from the truly civilized & free countries? Where is the UN to protect us when our govt. becomes like Sadaam was to his citizens? Who will rescue us from the abuses our govt. have visited upon we the innocent? With our govt. becoming the new Nazi's, who will come to battle for our lives, our freedom & our safety?

Think about it, please. THINK. Wake up! Pay attention. Pull your heads out of your asses, or out of the sand they are buried in, and LOOK. Do your own research, make up your own mind, but do it deliberately, for you will be held accountable for your actions, and ignorance will NOT be an acceptable excuse. 

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