Monday, February 20, 2012

Russell Peters: The Green Card Tour (review)

I'd never seen this guy perform, so had no expectations, and I did laugh hard a few times, at the most inane stuff. However, his entire set was made of making fun of the audience, which would be ok if a warm up or end of show deal, not the WHOLE show. What was up with the DJ booth for all of 30 seconds at beginning & end of show? For those who dislike swears he uses the F word and the C word a LOT, doesn't bug me but it was probably unnecessary to that extent. Same with bathroom humor, every comedian seems to fall back on crap jokes, why is that? Very few make it worth the listen. Sorry but even if free, I would not watch this again, nor do I recommend buying it or renting, although on a day when there's not much else to do & nothing on? Maybe on TV while doing something else, as background noise.

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