Monday, December 26, 2011

Pearl Jam Twenty Documentary Review

Pearl Jam Twenty
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An excellent production, one of the best rockumentaries ever filmed so far, with an amazing soundtrack & a logical order, fantastic close up & intimate shots of each band member & interviews. I've been a PJ fan but not rabid, maybe now I'll listen more actively & seek out more opportunities to get to know them. However this film did NOT do any in-depth coverage of the band members & their struggles & triumphs other than scratching the surface. The music & live footage made up for that lack for the most part, BUT an opportunity for something much greater has now been lost. As great a job as Crowe did I think someone else would have dug deeper & given us a more emotional sense of the individuals, and the band itself over time. The Danish concert victims were given less than 60 seconds in this film. PJ speaks of breaking up, then Crowe never follows up on that possibility & what changed. Early video very pixelated. Still, I'd buy this one, to watch repeatedly.

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