Sunday, December 25, 2011

Lord of Illusions Movie review

Lord of Illusions

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The Prestige was a better movie than this one but not nearly as gory or bloody, or horrific. I would have given this 5 stars but for the really cheesy part @ about 1:40:50 when the fabric comprising the walls of the pit to hell shudders with the impact of the actor falling against it. Otherwise, the script, production, dialogue, effects, acting, gore and more were all excellent. Definite cult classic potential here. Far from boring, but also not the scariest, nor the bloodiest although there are some scenes I had to look away a few seconds, I usually don't much like gore or suspense, so only a few seconds is nothing to keep me from watching again someday. The story itself is fantastic, for the amount of time given for the movie, it was fairly well developed, a few scenes could probably have been replaced with more character development, but then it would slow it down too much I'm sure. It's not at all confusing as one claimed. Very entertaining, worth the rental & I'm going to buy it.

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