Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Review of Pandorum movie


You rated this movie: 5
Fantastic movie, incredible set design & special effects, superb acting, nail biting suspense throughout the entire movie, no slow or boring spots, in fact time passes so quickly you'll think the movie was a half hour max. Surprise end that is not at all predictable--especially the twist--NOT AT ALL. Many twists throughout the movie as well, that keep your mind reeling until the very final scene, every time you think you might just have a clue, that clue becomes a wisp of nothing again. Very impressive script, realistic dialogue, credible story (though a few tiny holes but only if you pay attention, so not obvious) though by then any ship, uniform & such should look a hell of a lot different than this I'd think. Only one question left unanswered, where did the creatures aboard come from? Highly recommend this movie whether renting, at a theater or even to buy the DVD because it will be easy to watch repeatedly.

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