Saturday, November 26, 2011

Review: Death Metal: A Documentary

Audio quality was poor, video decent, however the editing a 5th grader could do better. About 6 full length music video performances, though a few were chopped about 2/3 in, the interviews were chopped in middle of answering too often, the last 20 minutes was 1st an ad for Dirt Bags (with worst acting ever seen) then 10 minutes of Grimoire Girls modeling. I'd rather have seen some of band members near nude, than the women, where's out eye candy? I had hoped to find answers to define the grunting of death metal, but less than 2 minutes spent on that so the one thing that truly sets death metal apart wasn't really addressed at all. Most of the musicians stated how technical & difficult death metal is to perform, but why didn't they focus on the vocal part which is at least half the equation? I enjoyed the man interviewees answers & perspectives, love the metal music itself but am not a fan of the grunting & had hoped to understand that aspect after 98 minutes.

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