Monday, October 10, 2011

Review of Strictly Sexual movie

Strictly Sexual

I loved everything about this movie--except the cabana as guest "house". Teens could watch this, PG even, since they hear the F-word all over anyway, and none of the sexual content is shown, though it is discussed quite a bit, most kids also already know more about it than they could learn from this. The acting, script, dialogue, characterizations, scenery & location, all were superb, surprisingly for no-name actors. I wish I'd watched this sooner, now knowing how fantastic it is. Worth buying & seeing again, definitely recommend this movie. Some of the visual quality in the streaming version was pretty bad, especially in the darker lit scenes (I have HD & it still looked like VHS quality then). I laughed, got pissed, felt sappy & even cried at the ending. A movie that moves one to so many emotional places is a rare find indeed. 100x better than No Strings Attached!

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