Monday, October 31, 2011

Review of Naked Ambition: An R-Rated Look at an X-rated Industry

Naked Ambition:
An R-Rated Look at an X-rated Industry

You rated this movie: 5

This is a fantastic look behind the scenes into an event very few get to attend or even knew existed, and the filming is excellent quality, loved the shots chosen for the final images, the realness of the portraits of people on every level of the biz. I used to attend the Atlantic City NJ version of this event, used to produce & sell adult films, adult web sites & worked behind the scenes as well. From someone who's been there, this is the best peek at the reality of these shows you will get without being there (& without the X-rated look into the late night bedroom parties). This did NOT focus on the book or the author, nor was it or he in ANY way creepy, the few who said that already had a problem with sex & their sexuality to begin with, probably just clicked play to leave a bad review without watching the actual film (or were jealous wo/men)! Stunning high quality, great editing, moves quickly & covers a lot of territory. Highly recommend this!

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