Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review of Let Me In

Let Me In
The other reviewers assume we've seen the original, and they compare the two, without once actually reviewing for those who never saw the original. I'd not seen this before, so can only compare it to others of its class. The acting was incredibly good, as were the effects, 99% was credible--not going to ruin it by telling you which parts weren't. This is not a romanticized version of vampires such as Twilight and other recent fare--this is old school horror but does not focus on that as much as the relationships between the characters, not to say there wasn't plenty of gore, because there definitely was. I'd agree that children under 17 should not view this without a parent or guardian, or if they are easily frightened. (The motion picture industry seems to have no consistency in its guidelines for ratings). This movie wasn't as predictable as one would think, enough surprises to thrill without the cover-your-eyes, bite your nails suspense, though it has those moments, they are rare enough to make this enjoyable even for those who are easily frightened or dislike anxiety provoking suspense. Definitely worth seeing if one enjoys horror & drama. One feels for the characters, so they are sympathetic even as they may seem evil. I would watch it again and will recommend it to others.

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