Thursday, October 13, 2011

Review of Latin Divas of Comedy

Latin Divas of Comedy
You rated this movie: 4 Stars
4 stars because they were very funny, minus a star because both Reymundo as a MAN hosting a Diva's and a bad host--no funny, just here they are. And second because I didn't laugh out loud more than once. I'm hard to surprise into laughs though, so 4 stars instead of the 3 it may have deserved. Martinez did jokes about her weight, the lesbian did jokes about--what else--being gay, Sara was very funny despite the cigs vs. milk thing (that reviewer has no sense of humor), and Monique did an advice show instead of comedy. The show opened with a sexy latin male singer and a sexy male violin player, ended with same. Reymundo always opens his shows with music, perhaps because he never has any new material, unfortunately. Almost didn't watch because of him, but glad I did because the women were better than he's ever been on his own. Martinez was best because she really didn't care what anyone thought of her. Recommend renting, not buying.

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