Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review of I Am a Sex Addict

I Am a Sex Addict
This is at best an R-rated movie, with breasts and rear butt shots the most exposure shown. The content, dialogue, and frankness, are what made this movie daring. Like a mix between a reality show & a soap opera or sitcom, one feels helplessly suckered in to see what happens next. Woody Allen movies are less interesting than this, otherwise it would be a perfect comparison. A previous reviewer mentions how Caveh never seems to understand the pain he causes the women with his honesty & actions, and in that way he was selfish & self-centered as most addicts are only concerned with their next fix & rarely stop to consider either the consequences nor the effect on others of their behavior. The recovery in SA was like a last minute add on instead of the focus needed to balance out this narcissistic story. The humor, self-deprecation & frankness are all that make this a palatable tale. An interesting look into sex addiction. I'd recommend it but wouldn't see twice.

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