Monday, September 26, 2011

Things About FB You May Not KNow

Things About FB You Might Not Know

Things about FB you may not know that WILL affect you sooner or later: 
by AWOLGina on Monday, September 26, 2011 at 1:31pm

FB gives profile users a TOTAL of 5000, friends, likes, page faves, ad clicks, everything you do is counted & when you reach that 5000th milestone, FB cuts you off from accessing or liking or responding to any new items until you delete some old and at least a few hundred old, immediately. People may think, well I'll never have that many, yes you will, it may take you longer than average, but everyone hits that ceiling eventually. FB does not make these limits public anywhere, nor does it link you to the sections to fix it, even if you spend a week on their help files. I found out the hard way & then when others ran into the same problem, I was able to help them.

One must go into edit profile, scroll down to interests, click that & then delete as much as possible, starting with ANY ad clicks or places, products, causes, etc., you liked who don't need the free advertising in your interest & fav pages lists. Also on the left side column near bottom is a link to access faved pages to delete.

What boggles my mind about this is that FB counts AD clicks in ones totals, (as well as friends), being penalized for clicking on an ad is so counterintuitive as to be insane! I've had this happen to me 3 times in last 6 weeks & I now refuse to click on ANY ad, no matter how interested I might be, which can be difficult since FB now does targeted ads based on what one types into a status or comment box! It is generally info I WANT to see.

How can I get in contact with FB advertisers to tell them of this limitation? Would your business pay to advertise on a site that punishes its users for ad clicks??? That in effect requires users to NOT click on ads once that thresh hold is reached & worse, forces users to delete all previous ad clicks & business related likes in order to use one's account again? I know I would not, and I know the advertisers are NOT aware of this, because they are sold on a per-click potential and number of views basis, as is most online ad sales. If anyone has any idea how to get this before the advertisers, I'd love to see FB explain away this policy.

Feel free to share this anywhere. GMJ.

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